RFHP Goals
RFHP Goals

Our Goals

Encourage Professional Integrity

The association is striving towards making the Foot Health Profession a well-considered and highly regarded industry through continual promotion and verification of those who work within it.

Raise Industry Standards

The association only admits individuals who have been trained to a high standard. The effect of this is an increase in the benchmark required to operate in the industry, which is closely followed by an increase in industry standards.

Collective Representation

As an individual voice, the practitioner can often find their views go unnoticed. The association aims to act as one voice for all of our members by collecting their views and representing them collectively to the industry.

Advance Responsibility

The association purports to increase the professional responsibility of members by making members adhere to a code of ‘Best Practice’. Members who fail to meet these high standards will be barred from the association.

Increase Awareness

The association seeks to increase awareness of the types of work a Foot Health Practitioner can conduct and the standards Foot Health Practitioners should adhere to by representing them in the industry and representing the profession to the public.

Develop Sustainable and Transparent Relationships

The association aims to work in partnership with clients and practitioners and match the practical skills of the practitioners to the needs of the clients. These relationships should arise out of mutual trust and respect and should be transparent at all times.

Foster Self-Fulfilling Work Environment

The association hopes that the culmination of its eff orts towards a more accountable Foot Health profession will be a working environment that is both satisfying and rewarding.

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