Our Mission
Our Mission

Our Mission

Primary Mission

Our primary mission is to foster and develop the Foot Health Practitioner profession by supporting and representing Foot Health Practitioners in Industry.

The R.F.H.P. seeks to be an exceptional institution able to attract and nurture diverse members with first-rate skills who understand how to treat their clients in a clear, professional and consistent manner. The R.F.H.P. achieves this by maintaining a comprehensive list containing details of qualified Foot Health Practitioners, which can be used by both practitioners and patients alike.

All of our members must uphold our robust underlying code of ethics by ensuring that they have the necessary skills, training, proficiencies and grounded knowledge to practice safely and competently. A member of the R.F.H.P. is someone you can trust.

A member of the R.F.H.P. is someone you can trust.

Our Principles

• Client and Practitioner focus;

• Commitment to excellence;

• Embracing core values;

• Increasing standards;

• Nurture personal ambition.

Our Values

• Professional integrity;

• Working in partnership with practitioners and clients to develop sustainable and transparent relationships;

• Encouraging responsibility;

• Raise professional standards;

• Increasing awareness;

• Empowering individuals by working together;

• Developing the type of working environment that is enjoyable and self-fulfilling.

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