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Unlike the other ‘alliances’ or ‘registers’ that exist, the R.F.H.P. is unique in the sense that membership is FREE (subject to meeting individual entry criteria). The R.F.H.P. is able to offer this to our members due to ongoing external funding that has been secured by the R.F.H.P. to promote the work of Foot Health Practitioners to the Health Professionals Council (HPC) and to the public at large.

No ongoing cost

Apart from charging for membership, many other ‘alliances’ or ‘registers’ will make CPD (Continuing Professional Development) a compulsory term of membership. Whilst CPD has its benefits, by making it compulsory, it is often nothing more than a way of extracting more course fees from students by forcing them to attend more courses with the College running the CPD. There is no legal requirement to attend any CPD in the U.K. for the Foot Health profession.

At the R.F.H.P., we do not believe in forcing our students to attend such CPD, nor do we approve of CPD as a marketing tool to make more money. Once you have joined the R.F.H.P. we will not force you to do any further CPD courses.

Career Professional Development

Advanced short practical training courses in subjects such as Diabetes, Foot Care, Biomechanics and Reflexology etc. can be pursued but these courses are entirely optional. You will not be required to do them.

If you do decide to do an advanced course, you will be awarded with CPD points.

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